Business Services

Production Services

Coastal Enterprises helps businesses with their assembly, sorting, and product packaging needs.  We leverage your needs to provide hands-on work experience for trainees with intellectual or developmental disabilities.  With our large warehouse space you can store your raw materials and finished goods in a clean, safe environment.  

Our experienced seamstresses on staff are also ready to cut and sew a wide variety of products.  All you do is provide the pattern and/or sample along with the raw materials and we will take care of the rest.

Example Production Services

  • sewing / hand-assembly
  • product sorting
  • product packaging
  • create building
  • and much more

Custodial Services

Finding reliable janitorial services can be challenging.  Coastal Enterprises is proud to provide professional janitorial services throughout eastern North Carolina. 

Customers Using Costodial Services

  • City of Wilmington
  • Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point
  • MCAS Cherry Point
  • Corps of Engineers, Wilmington
  • and others

Coastal Enterprises is an Ability One provider through Source America with 75% of our employees having a qualified disability.  We are continually exploring more opportunties to provide custodial services to local companies, non-profits, municipalies, and government agencies.

Warehouse Storage

Save money on warehouse storage with Coastal Enterprises.  Our large storage facilities are great for raw material storage or finished products that our clients have prepared for you.  When you need you products, they will be safely stored in our warehouse.  Just let us know how much product you need to store, and we’ll give you a competative quote.  

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